Always Turn Left

If you wanted to be a great race car driver, you could look at the best race car drivers in the country and their winning races and decide, “The best drivers are always turning left. They hardly ever turn right and if they do it’s only a tiny bit. If I want to be a great driver I should make sure I put my effort first into mastering the left turn.”

It sounds silly, but when we look at great software teams, we can do the same thing. We can hone in on one of the processes that we can see from the outside, and attribute all of their success, and our future success, to that.

When you’re looking to emulate Best Practices in The Industry ask yourself whether the parts you’re taking are relevant to your team.

  • Is the process you’re emulating what’s causing the other team to thrive?
  • Are your goals comparable to theirs?
  • Do you both compete on the same track?