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  • Augustine’s Confessions, Book 1

    It takes so much time to learn, but it’s worth it, right? You know, maybe not. I’m reading St. Augustine’s Confessions, and though it was written 1600 years ago, the way he was taught doesn’t sound all that different from today. (Less focus on STEM.)  The way he describes how he learned, and why, is […]

  • I made a book list.

    I made a list of the books I most often recommend, re-read and reminisce on. Making the list was fun. I want to put down all the books I’m reading now and dig back in to a few of these. Seeing it all laid out is also itchy and uncomfortable, in that I feel like […]

  • Favorite Books of 2017

    These are the books I liked best I read in 2017. They’re not all published in 2017, because who is so caught up on reading they can only read current books? The Hidden Life of Trees: What They Feel, How They Communicate―Discoveries from a Secret World Peter Wohlleben, 2016 I wouldn’t’ve guessed I’d get in […]